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Author Topic: inmywj - 1978 LeBaron  (Read 858 times)

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inmywj - 1978 LeBaron
« on: February 09, 2014, 21:43:34 »

Well...  My first attempt at a profile on this page.  I joined this website a few years back, when I bought my Diplomat.  I first found this site back in the late '90s, when I was surfing the web in college rather than doing homework.  This site has been a great place to visit over the years.

I just bought this 1978 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion in October of 2013.  It is a long and twisted story on how I ended up with it and I will save that for another post.  I am the third registered owner of the car, but I think it went through a few dealers also.  Here are the highlights:

-  1978 Chrysler LeBaron  Medallion - A little over 30K on the clock
-  Slant Six - California emissions, yup smogged and choked down with three cats - 85HP, she is a real firecracker
-  904 Transmission with an 8.25 3.2 rear end
-  Triple white with leather, red dash, carpets and pin-striping
-  Air Conditioning
-  Original AM/FM Stereo
-  Power windows, locks and drivers seat
-  Original paperwork was in the glove box and dealer prep stickers are still in the windows

The original owner bought the car new in 1978 from Glendale Chrysler-Plymouth in California and was from LaCanada, California.  Her husband was a radio announcer and actor, spanning 40 years.  She bought the car when she was 70 and within the last couple years, passed at 105. She sold the car around her 100th birthday.  The car is in good shape, but she sat outside her entire life.  Someone buffed her a little too hard and her dash and leather is toast. 

I saw this car go across Barrett-Jackson in 2010, then appear on e-bay a year or two later.  I almost bought it then, but missed out when I was outbid. 

What's been done:
-  Adjusted suspension to level and raise the front end to the proper ride height
-  Light compounding/buffing and wax
-  New shocks all around
-  Trans service/tune-up
-  Transmission shift bushings
-  Replaced C-body wheel covers with "Premium Wheel Covers"

What's next:
-  Rebuild the carburetor
-  Possible Super Six swap
-  New exhaust and intake gaskets
-  Alignment - pack wheel bearings
-  Poly-U bushings
-  Re-upholster the seats with new leather
-  Four new Polk Audio speakers
-  Possible paint job - right now, she is a 5 to 10 footer
-  Electric trunk release
-  New tail lights
-  Wire wheel covers
-  Lots of little items...

Since I bought the car, I have not had too much ability to work on the car, as she is outside and the weather has been uncooperative.  I am looking forward to the spring, when I can dig into her and really clean her up.  With 85hp, she is about an 18 second car.  My Father and I seriously thought about yanking the engine out and rebuilding her with a Hyper-Pak, but upon doing all of our homework, we realized that the Hyper-Pak really is for the strip and drivability around town is horrific from accounts told to us.  I am looking at a Super Six set-up, not for the extra 10hp, rather it really increases drivability.

Years ago, I never really liked the pre-1980 M's, but over the years I started to notice them and notice all the lines and how well they can stand.  I don't think the white does this body justice, but she is impressive in triple white.  The day I had her in my front yard for the photos, a guy and his son knocked on my door asking if I would sell her.  So, that made me feel good.   

Overall she is a nice car and I think she will make a nice little cruiser when she is cleaned up.
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