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Title: Interior: Door Panel Removal - A Door Service Tutorial
Post by: Reggie on August 26, 2008, 22:27:01
Door Panel Removal - A Door Service Tutorial

Below is an excerpt from an excellent thread originally posted on Farley's Forum by Luke Flamos
(MyDodgedip (https://www.dippy.org/forum2/index.php?action=pm;sa=send;u=27)).  This is a good reference to show you how to remove and install door panels on M-bodies. 

Hey All,  Had to take apart the door in the diplomat to make the window/door lock work again so
I took some pictures.  This is good for anything door related that requires removing the door panels:

Photo 1: Assembled Door

Starting with the door all assembled, Photo 1 of a rear door shows how it looks like you see it every day. The front and rear door panels are very similar.

Photo 2: Door Release Handle and Attaching Bolt

The panel comes off easier with the window down, so roll down the window. Remove the door lock
pull knob and the door release handle. There is a 7/16" bolt that attaches the handle to the door release mechanism. If your car has manual windows, remove the window crank with an allen wrench.  Store the crank, large black plastic washer and the allen screw in an old coffee can or butter tub to keep track of them.  They are good for holding small screws and parts.

Photo 3: Armrest Screw:

Remove the armrest screw with a medium sized phillips head screwdriver.

Photos 4 and 5: Small Phillips Head Sheetmetal Screws

The door panel is secured near the carpet/vinyl line on the bottom of either end with a small sheetmetal screw. Depending on the door panel fabric, you may have to look for these screws. Be sure to find and remove these screws before you try to remove the door panel or you will damage it. 

Photo 6: Pop the Door Clips Out

Use a door panel puller, a large flat screwdriver or even a stiff scraper to carefully pop the attaching clips out of the holes in the door. Slide the tool under the panel until you find a clip and then carefully twist the tool up away from the clip until it pops out.  Repeat this step until you have found all of the clips. Be careful not to damage the door panel which is only made of fiberboard. 

Photo 7: Lift the Panel Up / Unplug Power Connections

After prying out all of the clips, remove the panel by lifting up on one end and then the other end.  I seem to recall that the back door panels lift up front first and the front door panels lift up back first. Be sure to unplug any power connections. 

Photo 8: Bare Door With Weathershield

Once the panel is removed, there will be a piece of plastic weathershield that is attached to the door with adhesive.

Photo 9: Weathershield Tucked Up OUt of the Way

You can lift this plastic up and tuck it out of the way to get to the inside of the door.  Be careful not to damage the weathershield. Also make sure to secure it back when you reinstall it or you will have drafts. A little bit of duct tape comes in handy to secure the weathershield.  Just be sure that it is not visible when you reinstall the door panel.

Photo 10: Inside Shot of The Door

An inside shot of the door cavity taken from the back end of the door.

Photo 11: Window Regulator

There are 3 rivets that hold the window regulator in place.  They can be ground off and the regulator can then be removed through the large hole in the bottom of the door.  To re-install, the regulator, get 3 small 1/4" bolts to attach it with. The bolt heads go inside the door. The window motor can also be taken off from the outside of the door with the door panel off.

"Re-installation is the reverse of removal". When reattaching the door panel, be careful to aline the door panel clips up perfectly with their respective holes in the door or they can bend or you may damage the door panel. Make sure that each clip is seated over the hole before applying firm pressure to attach it.  Work your way around from one end to the other.


Title: Interior: Door Panel Removal - A Door Service Tutorial - Page 2
Post by: Reggie on August 26, 2008, 22:35:36
Door Panel Removal - A Door Service Tutorial - Page 2

Photos 5 through 8
Title: Interior: Door Panel Removal - A Door Service Tutorial - Page 3
Post by: Reggie on August 26, 2008, 22:39:43
Door Panel Removal - A Door Service Tutorial - Page 3

Photos 9 through 11