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Author Topic: Transmissions: Overdrives: A-500 & A-518 Pictures and Dimensions  (Read 13365 times)

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A-500 & A-518

Below are pictures of the A-500 and A-518 automatic overdrive transmissions next to a 727 for reference.  The overdrive is located in the tailshaft section.  A-500 and A-518 overdrive sections are identical and will interchange.  The overdrive sections will not bolt up to either the 727 or the 904-series transmissions. Also shown below is a chart showing the dimensions and mounting locations for all four of Chrysler's Torqueflte transmissions, and a close up photo of the A-500 and A-518 overdrive units. 


  • A-518 (left), 727 (center) and A-500 (right) - Courtesy of Car Craft Magazine
  • Torqueflite dimensions and mounting locations - Courtesy of Car Craft Magazine
  • A-500 (top) and A-518 (bottom) - Courtesy of Jet Performance Products


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