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Author Topic: Gas Mileage: Easy Gas Mileage Boosters  (Read 14794 times)

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Gas Mileage: Easy Gas Mileage Boosters
« on: December 28, 2007, 10:46:38 »

Easy Gas Mileage Boosters

Below is a categorized list of gas saving tips taken from a thread started by member Mydodgedip:

"Ok, now that most of us have something to compare to, you can see that there are quite varied numbers on mileage. The Challenge: Say someone had a stock 318 and wanted to get the best gas mileage out of it possible without losing performance. (doesent have to gain anything, just cant loose it) List your ideas from Free to Most Expensive if ya can! I think we can say a tune up is the place to start."

Improve Your Driving Habits:

  • Avoid "jackrabbit" starts from lights. Accelerate smoothly.
  • The absolute BIGGEST mpg change has nothing to do with the car though, it's all in your head.
    Ever notice that your gas gauge is down near or below the "E" mark, and you still had miles to go before you could fill up? Betcha drove like there was an egg between your foot and the accelerator, cursed every redlight, and spent a bunch of time "timing" your drive to hit the lights when they were green. THAT'S the every trip like ya think you're gonna run out of gas & have to push it..I guarantee your mileage will jump and you'll never have to spin a wrench.
  • Mount a vacuum guage where you can see it, and keep the vacuum reading as high as you can while you drive.
  • Drive more slowly (like Grandpa). Of course it's tough to do this when there is a lot of other traffic in the area.
  • Run with the A/C off and the windows down. Mythbusters took two identical Ford Escapes (or Explorers, or expeditions, or whatever), put exactly 5 gallons in each, and ran them around a race track at 45MPH.. one with the air on, the other w/ the windows down... Winner was the windows down.

Reduce Rolling Resistance:

  • Run the highest tire pressure you safely can (typically 4-5 pounds higher than the recommended max on your sidewalls)
  • Reduce brake drag at both ends by cleaning & lubing caliper slides & cleaning and adjusting rear shoes
  • Clean & repack front wheel bearings
  • Lube universal joints
  • Make sure your front end alignment is true. Too much toe will cause resistance, not to mention tire wear.
  • Run Lighter Wheels (Centripetal Accleration). Regular civilian steel wheels weigh about 4-5 lbs less than cop car wheels.  Aluminum wheels weigh even less
  • Simple the car on a bit of level pavement, put it in neutral and try pushing it by hand both before & after doing these few things. If you notice a difference, imagine what your engine "feels."

Reduce Mechanical Resistance:

  • Run thinner oil
  • Run the lightest oil you can in the rear end (80w instead of 90w, or use synthetic)
  • Free Flow Oil Filter
  • Run a lighter Driveshaft
  • Reduce exhaust backpressure

Tuning Suggestions:

  • Keep your car tuned up (Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel and air filters, PCV valve).
  • Avoid certain high performance air filters. I had one on my 87 Diplomat, and my fuel milage went DOWN! Put a regular filter in there and call it good.
  • Make sure your timing is set right.. too advanced could use extra fuel.... too far retarted can create extra heat, causing a loss of power, causing you to use more fuel.
  • A malfunctioning leanburn ignition system can suck up the gas.  First look at all of your leanburn electrical connnections to make sure that they are clean and tight. Cleaning the contacts on your distributor cap and rotor can help too. Also check all vacuum hoses for breaks or loose fittings. A bad oxygen sensor (located on the driver's side exhaust manifold) can also affect mileage.  If the system is totally shot, you can either hit the junkyards for another computer, or replace the stock system with an MP Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit or a MSD 6AL setup. Running a hotter ignition (and a hotter coil) means you can run Platinum plugs, which burn better longer.. (read: less often plug changes).
  • Drop in the highest temp thermostat available for your application.

Reduce Weight:

  • Remove any unused junk from your trunk. Carrying extra weight around uses extra gas.
  • Replace cast iron parts with aluminum
  • Speaking of weight savings.. the biggest place to save weight?? THE DRIVER!!!! 

Member Squadcars Posted the following formula:
"Heres what i did to my own Gran Fury:
  • Platinum plugs
  • Jacobs wires
  • K&N air filter
  • Jacobs coil
  • MSD spark amplifier
  • Semi synthetic oil. ( engine, tranny and rearend)
  • New intake gaskets with screens over the ports ( enhances dispersial of the gases.)
  • 180 degree thermostat
  • Electric fan ( gave me almost 5 free hp and gas milage)
I get almost 21 mpg @ 70 mph. I know cause thats what i drive everyday to work 40 miles each way."

Member Spikekid999 also suggested that using the cruise control whenever you can helps too.

Source: Compiled from posts by Farley's members
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