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Title: Gas Mileage: Easy Gas Mileage Boosters
Post by: Reggie on December 28, 2007, 10:46:38
Easy Gas Mileage Boosters

Below is a categorized list of gas saving tips taken from a thread started by member Mydodgedip:

"Ok, now that most of us have something to compare to, you can see that there are quite varied numbers on mileage. The Challenge: Say someone had a stock 318 and wanted to get the best gas mileage out of it possible without losing performance. (doesent have to gain anything, just cant loose it) List your ideas from Free to Most Expensive if ya can! I think we can say a tune up is the place to start."

Improve Your Driving Habits:

Reduce Rolling Resistance:

Reduce Mechanical Resistance:

Tuning Suggestions:

Reduce Weight:

Member Squadcars Posted the following formula:
"Heres what i did to my own Gran Fury:
I get almost 21 mpg @ 70 mph. I know cause thats what i drive everyday to work 40 miles each way."

Member Spikekid999 also suggested that using the cruise control whenever you can helps too.

Source: Compiled from posts by Farley's members