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Title: Suspension: Fully Isolated Suspension System
Post by: Reggie on January 07, 2008, 15:23:26
Fully Isolated Suspension System

Below are images showing Chrysler's design for the fully isolated suspension system consisting of an isolated front subframe (k-member) with a transverse (crosswise) torsion bar front suspension, and an isolated rear spring setup (Iso-Clamp Rear Suspension).  The design was used in all M-bodies.

The isolated subframe design began around 1973 in B-bodies.  The transverse torsion bar design first appeared in the F-body (Aspen and Volare) platform in mid-1976.  The complete undercarriage design was touted by Chrysler as offering a "big car ride".  The design was later carried over to the M-body platform, which was pretty much identical to the F-bodies underneath.   

Design Highlights