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Author Topic: Farley's Page Posting Guidelines - Please Read This Before Posting  (Read 4607 times)

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Below for your reference are Farley's Posting Guidelines - originally prepared by Frank and located here.   Please send a PM to Reggie or Mike if you have any questions.

Farley's Page Posting Guidelines

Farley's Dodge Diplomat Forum exists for several reasons. Initially it was to serve as a help forum for Diplomat owners to seek and offer help maintaining and repairing their cars. It has since grown to also involve social banter for owners to trade stories of their cars and their experiences. The progression of time has revealed an idyllic shift in the tone of some postings, and while those changes may seem innocuous, they remain on a trend downward that I have seen happen to other forums before and wish to prevent from destroying Farley's Forum. After receiving numerous emails from concerned regulars as well as new visitors, it became necessary to post this notice. I do not condone censorship for defending a personal agenda or controlling the direction of conversations. I do, however, fully support censorship in the spirit of maintaining goodwill and proper direction in a privately controlled arena that is not the sole outlet for any individual's expression.

That being known, the following guidelines apply to all postings at Farley's Forum.

1. No foul language. None, of any kind, will be tolerated. This includes any and all words that would be defined by a preschool teacher as worthy of having your mouth washed out with soap. If in doubt about any particular word, do not use it. Not only are these words offensive, but they can also trigger web filters, effectively blocking some visitors from seeing the Forum. Offending posts may be deleted without explanation.

2. No offensive language. Nothing that could be interpreted as offensive towards any social demographic. The discussion of cars does not produce any valid reason for these social stereotypes and the associated phrases to be brought into play. Any phrase that could conceivably offend anyone of any particular race, gender, sexual preference, age, country of origin, etc. may be deleted without explanation. Again, if you are in doubt, play it safe and do not use it.

3. Please refrain from putdowns of any kind, particularly those aimed at other car owners and drivers. The last thing Farley's Forum needs is for anyone to come in here and be offended by what they see others being labeled as, and then going and sharing that feeling with a similar car forum at another site. The resulting "flame" war could easily bring down Farley's Forum permanently. It is one thing to celebrate the victory of your car's performance when faced with a challenge. It is another entirely to make negative statements about the appearance or character of others involved. Posts of this nature may be edited, and an explanation will be included if necessary.

Please remember that newcomers are constantly finding their way to Farley's Page and Farley's Forum. Please help me ensure that their first experience and first impression is that the people here are courteous, kind and willing to help. A new visitor who finds spiteful language will not be compelled to return, and that hurts the entire M Body community.

Users who violate the spirit of these guidelines are subject to suspension or may be permanently banned. I hope it never comes to that, but I will take whatever steps are necessary to preserve the good things about Farley's Page that helped make it what it is today.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please send me email.

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