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Title: Windshield Wipers: Linkage Repair
Post by: Reggie on January 06, 2008, 19:36:52
Windshield Wiper Linkage Repair

The basic design of the windshield wiper operating assembly used in M-bodies has been used by Chrysler in different variations since the mid-1970s and probably earlier.

The wiper assembly is located under a plastic screen in a cowl cavity under the hood and just in front of the windshield.  The assembly consists of a stamped steel bar called the "drive link", which is attached to a "drive crank".  The drive crank is attached to the wiper motor with a 7/16" nut. The drive link is also attached to a second crank which is attached to the driver's side (or left) wiper pivot. The driver's side crank is attached to another longer stamped steel bar called the "connecting link" that runs to a third crank attached to the passenger's side (or right) wiper pivot.

As the wiper motor turns, the drive crank rotation causes the drive link to move back and forth.  This back and forth movement is transferred to the driver's side (or left) crank, causing the driver's side wiper to move back and forth.  The back and forth movement of the driver's side crank is also transferred to the passenger side (or right) crank by the connecting link, causing the passenger's side wiper to move back and forth.

Plastic bushings are used at the pivot points of the assembly to allow free movement. There is a bushing at each of the following pivot points: 

The bushings can dry out and crack over time, causing erratic wiper operation or complete failure. If the plastic bushings are bad, Dorman Products (https://www.dormanproducts.com) manufactures replacements under the Dorman or Motormite brand. The part number is 49440, and they are called "Wiper Linkage Bushing-Chrysler". AutoZone, NAPA and most parts chains have "help" sections displays with them in stock. Mopar parts dealers may also have them under Mopar part# 3799089.

Bushing Replacement Procedure

It is much easier to remove the entire wiper assembly for service. Once the assembly is removed, you can replace all four of the Wiper bushings on a work bench. Below, originally posted by members Rick T, Mjk5thave and Sedge is the procedure for replacing the bushings: