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Author Topic: Reference: Farley's Book & Magazine List  (Read 9778 times)

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Reference: Farley's Book & Magazine List
« on: September 13, 2008, 21:46:22 »

Farley's Book & Magazine List

Below is a list of useful reference books and magazines. Note: Most of the book links are omitted here because they are constantly changing. To find the book that interests you, copy the title/author and do an Internet search. is always a good place to start.  Please send a PM to Reggie or Mike if you would like to add any books/magazines to the list.


  • Super Tuning and Modifying Carter Carburetors by Dave Emanuel (S-A Design)
  • Super Tuning and Modifying Holley Carburetors By Dave Emanuel (CarTech)

Chrysler Production History:

  • Standard Catalog of Chrysler, 1914-2000 by James T. Lenzke and John Martin Lee (Krause Publications)

Chrysler Cop Cars:

  • Dodge, Plymouth & Chrysler Police Cars 1979-1994 by Edwin Sanow and John Bellah with Galen Govier (Motorbooks International)


  • Small Block

    • How to Build Big Inch Mopar Small Blocks by Jim Szilagyi (CarTech)
    • How to Hot Rod Small Block Mopar Engines by Larry Shepard (HPBooks)
    • How to Rebuild Small Block Mopar Engines by Don Taylor and Larry Hofer (HPBooks)
    • Small Block 'A' Engines by Larry Shepard (Mopar Parts - P4876826)
  • Small Block Magnum:

    • How to Modify Your Mopar Magnum V-8 by Larry Shepard (HPBooks)
    • How to Rebuild Mopar Magnum V8 Engines by Larry Shepard (HPBooks)
    • Mopar Magnum Engines by Mopar Performance (Mopar Parts - P4876668)
  • Big Block:

    • Big Block Mopar Performance by Chuck Senatore (HPBooks)
    • Chrysler 361/383/400/413/426/440 Hi-Po (Musclecar and Hi-Po Engine Series) by R.M. Clarke
    • How to Build Max-Performance Mopar Big Blocks (S-A Design) by Andy Finkbeiner
    • How to Rebuild Big Block Mopar Engines by Don Taylor (HPBooks)
    • Mopar Performance Parts: Big Block 'B-RB' Engines by L.S. Shepard (Mopar Parts - P4876825)
    • Old Reliable - The Practical 440 Race Motor by Don Dulmage
  • General Engines:

    • High Performance Chrysler Engines (The Best of Hot Rod Volume 12) (CarTech)
    • How to Build High Performance Chrysler Engines by Frank Adkins (CarTech)
    • Engine Builder's Handbook by Tom Monroe (HPBooks)

Factory Service Manual: 

  • Chrysler Corporation Service Manual - Paperback - These can usually be found on eBay. Buy the manual listed specifically for the year of your car.  Specifications and wiring color schemes were subject to change during the M-body production run.
  • Chrysler Corporation Service Manual - CD-ROM from
  • NOTE: The Factory Service Manual is the most complete manual that you will find for M-bodies. It is recommended that you buy this manual first before buying any aftermarket manual. Also keep in mind that the Introduction and the first four topics (Lubrication and Maintenance, Front Suspension and Steering Linkage, Rear Axle and Brakes are online here.
Aftermarket Repair Manuals - usually availabe at most parts chains.

  • Haynes 1977-89 Dodge Diplomat Repair Manual

General Performance & Upgrades:

  • Mopar Chassis Manual by Larry Shepard and Michael Gingerella (Mopar Parts - P5007160)
  • Chrysler Performance Upgrades by Frank Adkins (CarTech)
  • Streetwize Performance Manual for Mopar Vehicles by Bobby McDowall (Streetwize Performance). Although this manual is oriented towards 60s and 70s Mopars, the information still applies to any Mopars that use the same "old-school" technology from that era, including M-bodies. Bobby has been building high performance street and race engines for over almost thirty years.  Good information and highly recommended.  Plus, you can't go wrong for $7.00.

Mopar Magazines

General Car magazines


  • Torqueflite A-727 Handbook by Carl Munroe (HPBooks)
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