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 on: Yesterday at 18:10:21 
Started by Ice Cold - Last post by Ice Cold

 on: Yesterday at 18:05:43 
Started by MoparDan - Last post by MoparDan
The starter is was replaced on October 13th after the hurricane, the last time it wouldn't start the tilt wheel had just been moved, but the first time it hadn't been, also this last time was in park, but the first time tried to start in neutral but wouldn't, and ended up starting in park. If any of that helps.
The carb almost always gets stuck at high idle when started for the first time (and usually tries to stall when first put in gear)

 on: Yesterday at 17:05:44 
Started by Ice Cold - Last post by Cordoba1
While I agree, prices are generally going up; I also see a lot of pricing euphoria out there:  If you use the “completed listings” button in eBay, you’ll find lots of cars that did not hit the reserve price.  I have been following prices for Buick Grand Nationals lately.  Nice examples are prices at or near $30K, and crappy rust buckets are still priced at $15K…  Telling, though, is very, very few GNs trade hands at those asking prices.

Fifth Avenues; and a whole slate of 80s cars will begin hitting the secondary market.  After 30 years or so, the “estate” cars start to hit the market.  I’m seeing a lot of that now.  I’m a J-Body Cordoba guy myself.  For years, I could nary find one or two for sale.  Now; with only a little effort, it’s not too tough to find 10 J-Bodies in any given week.

Getting all that out of the way; I do advise being careful for what you ask for.  We’re lucky that we can afford this very expensive hobby because we like stuff a little off the beaten bath.  I’m now priced out of the GN market, and that makes me a little sad.

 on: Yesterday at 16:42:04 
Started by Ice Cold - Last post by Ice Cold
Used to post 5/10 a day of good deals on third party with rarely a joke car.
Now I see a LOT of 10g Fifth Aves and rarely post one.

 on: Yesterday at 15:43:36 
Started by Ice Cold - Last post by Patrick
We were near 60 on Saturday and 65 both yesterday and today. Snow in Houston and San Antonio......600+ miles south...Crazy weather

 on: Yesterday at 11:09:07 
Started by 87xchpdiplomat - Last post by spike
I got this manifold crossover pipe

 on: Yesterday at 09:10:59 
Started by T229 - Last post by T229
Thanks for the compliments. I appreciate it.

I have a ton of man hours in this pile of steel. I spent 6 hours yesterday disassembling both front doors, scraping crusty window stripping off and removing rusty panels. Unreal how water getting inside the door has just deteriorated the inner workings of the windows. Now to find weather stripping that works. I have some, but it's generic. This car was a rotting pile of metal and severely neglected when I bought it.

I still have no working radio. (no speakers or wires) and no heat, not that I'll need that much here in Florida.

I think this alternator puts out plenty of amps at idle. My connector to the voltage regulator popped off when I was driving so I suspect I was driving off the battery so the charge may be low.

I do appreciate everyone's feedback. This site has been a wealth of knowledge since day 1. I'm always searching something and finding the answer. Im probably gonna be seriously shopping for heads here after the holidays.

 on: Yesterday at 09:04:16 
Started by Ice Cold - Last post by 80 Lebaron Coupe
Said it before.
My whole fleet of M's I bought under $1000 ea.

I said it before, M's have jumped the shark.
There was a time of $100 A bodies and a $5000 one was a joke.
Now a nice A body for $5000 is cheap and doesn't happen much.


 on: Yesterday at 08:43:01 
Started by McTaggart - Last post by MarkM
King of the Heap race.

Stuff like this looks like a lot of fun.  Budget junk and run it until it blows up - when it does, buy another.  If something were to happen to the motor in my Fifth Avenue the car would be up on jack stands for years.  I'm trying to talk my Dad into Road Kill style projects right now.

 on: Yesterday at 08:03:58 
Started by T229 - Last post by MarkM
I don't know what the low speed idle charging performance looks like on that alternator.  You would think it would be OK.  Something to check is the wiring between the alternator and the regulator.  I'd had the plug on the regulator disintegrate before and cause troubles.  Make sure the regulator has a clean ground connection too.

Car looks great!

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