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Title: Transmissions: Kickdown Adjustment (Throttle Control)
Post by: Reggie on January 05, 2008, 15:10:59
Torqueflite Kickdown Adjustment (Throttle Control)

Torqueflite transmissions are equipped with a throttle control lever on the driver's side that fits on a shaft that extends from the valve body.  The throttle control lever controls the line pressure of the transmission.  The throttle control assembly (also called the kickdown assembly) is connected to the carburetor linkage and pushes back on the throttle control lever depending on the amount of throttle given by the driver.  Normally there is no need to adjust the assembly unless it has been disconnected, or the transmission is either shifting too early or won't kickdown to a lower gear when given more throttle at speed.  It is extremely important that this assembly be connected and adjusted properly, or it will cause early transmission failure. The ONLY time this assembly should be disconnected is with a full manual valve body setup. 

Below, paraphrased from the Factory Service Manual, is the method for adjusting the kickdown linkage:

Source: Chrysler RWD Factory Service Manual
Photo:   Courtesy of Chrysler Corporation