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Author Topic: Anybody swap in Jeep Liberty 8.25" rear end?  (Read 571 times)

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Anybody swap in Jeep Liberty 8.25" rear end?
« on: August 02, 2018, 15:04:38 »

I don't have any problems with the original 7.25" rear end *yet*,

thinking ahead, has anybody ever swapped in such diff?

I noticed the 8.25" is available in 2002-2006 Jeep Liberty in this list.

I understand the 7.25" rear has 43.02" spring perch centre-to-centre and overall width 55.6" flange-to-flange.

According to these guys the Liberty rear end from 2003 and up comes standard with disc brakes, albeit ABS no doubt (is that a problem?) but what about overall width, spring perch spacing, yoke, ratio?

Thanks guys.

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Re: Anybody swap in Jeep Liberty 8.25" rear end?
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2018, 11:00:34 »

The 8.25 ain't a bad axle (I owned a Liberty once). 

But I've never seen anyone swap an 8.25 from a Liberty into an M. Keep in mind the Liberty used coil springs and your car has leaf springs. Swapping in a Liberty axle would involve grinding off pretty much every mounting tab/perch and starting from scratch welding on new perches, etc. As you can see by that list, the 8-1/4 was used in a ton of vehicles. There's gotta be a donor better suited for an M-body than the Liberty.

My 8.25 had a 3.55 ratio in my 5-speed 4x4 Liberty. That would make a pretty fun M-body.

They were used in Cherokees too, which had leaf springs. Might be a better starting point. But something tells me they'd be too wide and I'd seriously doubt the perches would be right - which means you'd be grinding again...
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