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Author Topic: Lebaron Progress Report  (Read 1070 times)

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Lebaron Progress Report
« on: January 03, 2009, 16:27:37 »

My last day off was today so I decided I should get some things on the lebaron squared away before I went back to working all day almost every day.

Started off with taking the dash apart.  The gauges were dirty so I cleaned them.  The trip meter didn't work or reset correctly so I swapped in the trip meter from another speedo I had and re-set a gear that had come loose.  Cleaned the lenses for the dash lights and all the lightbulbs and now it looks good even at night.

Took the non working power antenna out and opened it up, Couldn't figure out what was making it not work so I left it out for now and swapped in a normal antenna from another M I parted out.  Ran that through the dash while I had it open and hooked it all up.  Now the antenna looks good and I can take it through a carwash without worrying about the electric one snapping off.

Then I got it up on the lift to fix the exhaust.  When I put the muffler/tailpipe on the added back pressure must have been enough to blow out all the weak spots in the mid pipe.  At the flange joint from the Y pipe to the Cat pipe had holes, the Y pipe had a hole near the hanger and the exit of the cat had some holes too.  It was getting pretty loud and smelly in the car while I was driving so it was time to fix it.  After finding out that the muffler shop wanted $150 to bend a piece to put in it I called the parts store and ordered a 7 foot length of 2 1/4 pipe.  We heated/Bent it in one spot, lined it up and cut it to fit.  Even have enough left over to delete a cat on another car if I want.   :evil:  Clamped it all in and it looks pretty good.  Nice and quiet too, just one small pinhole in the Y pipe to weld shut.

Next on the list are swapping the good tail light lens in, replacing the bushings in the pass side window and repairing the door seals.  I'm also working on polishing the aluminum wheels, The one I did came out like a mirror with only a couple small pits in it. 

1978 Chrysler Lebaron Coupe, 360-4, Sunroof
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Re: Lebaron Progress Report
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2009, 16:40:52 »

good to hear its getting in tip top shape again. even though i dont like those wheels, take a pic of em, i like shiney thing :D
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