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Author Topic: Got bored today... painted on my car a little (evil Grin)  (Read 1418 times)

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  • Mark named me village idiot... so im going with it

6 batteries (one into the fan) , 2 motors 5 transmissions( and tomorrow im adding a 1/2 mark cause i used my small block tail shaft)

7 rear ends at least 20 tires... and im thinkin ive gone through 3 radiators... whatdo yall think?

it got too dark to take pictures... but on the back of the hood scoop it says "JUST GAS IT!!!" kind of a tribute to my ticket. (heres where you put the evil grin)
i want my buddy to put the skully... the social d skeletin on the front fenders. and i tried puttin on a spade on the c pillar on the passenger side with 13 in the center... didnt work out... time to get the sand paper and the flat black primer. god i love having a hot rod. im going to make a licence plate that says

ideas, feed back... whateever... im takin a shower and goin to bed. so that means... time to get naked!!!!


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