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Title: Engines: Mopar Engine Colors Through The Years
Post by: Reggie on January 05, 2008, 14:32:27
Mopar Engine Colors Through The Years

Below are the Mopar numbers for the various engine paints used by Chrysler from the 1940s.

Black - Mopar P4120753

Race Hemi Orange  - Mopar  P4120751 (A bright orange color)

Street Hemi Orange  - Mopar P4349216 (A reddish orange color commonly referred to as "Hemi Orange."

Turquoise - Mopar P4120752 (Medium blue-green color)

Red - Mopar P4349218 (Bright red color) 
This "red" color is NOT THE SAME as the "red" that MP sells, nor does commercially available (Krylon, Plasti-Cote) "Chrysler Red" paint match the original Slant-6 red color. NAPA sells an exact match of the slightly orangish red used on some 1960-1969  Slant 6 engines. It is NAPA Farm equipment spray paint, International-Harvester Red, made by Martin Senour.

Blue  - Mopar P4349217 (Medium blue color)

Blue  - (No Mopar number)   (Color code never appeared in manuals)
Slightly darker than the standard blue used on the 70's LA engines. Paint also turned Turquoise with heat. Even Galen Govier does not have a spec for mixing. This paint was used on a lot of 340' and other LA engines in late 69. Most restorers use Blue Mopar P4349217 (above) to repaint and
the judges agree.

Yellow  - Mopar P4529144

Aluminum Silver  - Mopar P4529148.

Gold Metallic  - Mopar P4529149. Used from the late 50s and early 60s