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Author Topic: The easiest way to flush your manhood down the crapper, buy a plymouth breeze  (Read 8346 times)

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I was thinking the other day, my 1987 dip is 30 years old now. And 30 years ago (in 1987) the 30 year old car of the time was from 1957.
And then I got thinking, man you did not really see people driving 195x cars in traffic in 1987, as if it was a real car. They were all worn out! Or else garage queens coming out in the sunshine for a gentle cruise once in a long while.

Now I'm looking at my old Dodge and it is fairly worn. A sensible move would be to recycle it and move on to something more modern.

Speaking of mileage, man this 318 with Summit 600cfm carb was an absolute pig: it would get about 200 km on a 60L tank, that's like 30L per 100 km which is like, uh, 7.8 mpg. This with the 2.24:1 rear end and careful driving! It was horribly out of tune, somehow. I'm hoping the TBI can get it running more efficiently, I'm still on the first tank (gone 200 km and now down to 1/2 tank, which is like 1/4 tank remaining... shudder).

Hey it's a cheap car that's fun to own, what the heck.
Interesting post.  As much as I love M bodies, I find the idea of owning one as a daily driver in 2017 brings mixed feelings.  A 2006 Charger might make the point better; i.e. old rugged car that doesn't stand out in any particular way other than being sensible and non-trendy.


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Yeah I'd love to have a modern Charger. My brother had a 1977 Charger with 383, that was a pretty awesome car. What's the going rate, like $5000? Sigh.

My first car was 1978 Diplomat from auction (kind of like the Farley story), I think I paid $800 and I still regret so sadly that car getting crashed into & being written off. The other guy had a very nice 1960s Bronco and jumped a stop sign & plowed into the front right fender, broke the steering, radiator... demolished.
Later on my brother & I got a pair of 1974 Challengers from the police auction, one had trashed interior and broken drive train, the other was smashed up but had a good interior & running 318. We put them together and made a rat rod before that style was trendy. Headers, drag springs, shift kit... it didn't last... terrible car. I always wondered how a dip would work with the same hot rod stuff, ha ha  :D

My other cars include 1990 RHD Miata (not bad), 2002 Eldorado ETC (swank), and 2008 Town & Country (one of the best cars on the road IMO, although you have to overlook the minivan prejudice - it effortlessly hauls more gear than any truck, except perhaps a long bed).

What else you guys have? Honestly, considering all the cars I've got, the scabby paint dip is the one that genuinely makes me smile. I just love the way EFI turned it around, in the morning I rumble it to life, click into gear & drive away. Just like a real car !!!!  :biggrin:


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I couldn't agree more!
X3. And "look at me, I drive a Hummer". Bummer.
'89 Diplomat S code AHB now with FI 410 C.I.D. smallblock
1979 Power Wagon 150 Short bed Factory 360-4
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