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Title: Bodies: Chrysler RWD Body Codes - 1957-1989
Post by: Reggie on January 05, 2008, 17:52:48
Chrysler Rear Wheel Drive Body Codes - 1957 to 1989

As with most automobile manufacturers, Chrysler Corporation used body platform designations (Body Codes) for various vehicle lines that were manufactured.  Below is a list of the different body codes (referred to as A, B, C, D, E, F,  J, M, and R bodies), and their respective models for rear wheel drive (RWD) passenger car lines manufactured by Chrysler from 1957 through 1989.  It should be noted that Chrysler's practice of naming chassis lines by letter did not begin until 1964 or 1965.  Earlier model years listed below are grouped with named later model chassis lines based on their similarity.  Chrysler introduced unibody construction in 1960, so models produced after that time will have more similarities with their later counterparts.

Body Codes:

A - Body (Compact models) (1960 to 1976)

B - Body (Mid size models) (1962 to 1979) 

C - Body (Full size models)  (1957 to 1978)

D - Body (1957 to 1973)

E - Body (1970 to 1974)

F - Body (1976 to 1980)

J  -  Body (1980 to 1983) (All models were 112.7" Wheelbase)

M - Body (1977 to 1989)

R - Body (1979 to 1981) (All models were 118.5" wheelbase, and based on a stretched B-body)


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