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Title: Suspension: Torsion Bars
Post by: Reggie on February 17, 2008, 16:37:17
F/J/M Torsion Bars


All F/J/M Body Chrysler products share the transverse (crosswise) torsion bar setup attached to a fully isolated crossmember (K-frame). The transverse torsion bar design first appeared in the F-body (Aspen and Volare) platform in mid-1976.  It was a significant departure from the traditional longitudinal torsion bar design that Chrysler had used since 1957.  The transverse design is notable for three reasons:

Each torsion bar is anchored in the front of the K-frame opposite the the affected wheel.  From the anchor point, the torsion bar runs parallel across the K-frame through a "pivot cushion bushing" (attached to the k-frame), then turns and extends towards tha rear of the car to attach to the lower control arm.  The end of the torsion bar has an isolated bushing which bolts to the lower control arm, and also to the front sway bar.  Torsion bars are are marked with the letters "L" for left side or "R" for right side.  They are not interchangeable between sides.

Vehicle Height Adjustment

The height of the front suspension (also called "front suspension height" or "ride height", is controlled by turning the torsion bar anchor adjusting bolts located in the K-frame. It is important to note that the passenger side (right) bolt adjusts the driver side (left) torsion bar and the driver side (left) bolt adjusts the passenger side (right) torsion bar. Any time the suspension height is changed, it will also affect both the camber and caster, and thus the front end should be re-aligned. Factory ride height should be set to 12.5", plus or minus .25".  For reference:


Torsion Bar Removal

Torsion Bar Pivot Bushing Replacement

Replacement Torsion Bar Parts

Chrysler used to offer a service replacement torsion bar assembly which included:

The service replacement torsion bar assembly is no longer available from Chrysler. However, the following replacement parts are still available:

Other Front End Replacement Parts

Note: Mopar part numbers are provided for reference. Some are still available from  aftermarket suppliers.

Front Suspension Tightening Reference Chart

Note: All torque values are in Foot-Pounds unless otherwise indicated in bold.

Adjusting Bolt Nut (Upper Control Arm - Pivot Shaft Bolt Nut)150
Ball Joint to Upper Control Arm (Upper)125
Ball Joint Stud Nut (Upper)100
Ball Joint Stud Nut (Lower)100
Rebound and Jounce Bumpers (All)200 in/lbs
Pivot Shaft (Lower Arm - Lower Control Arm Pivot Bolt Nut)75
Steering Knuckle Bolts/Nuts (Lower)160
Sway Bar Link Retainer Nut100 in/lbs
Sway Bar Strap Nut 30
Idler Arm Bolt Nut70
Tie Rod Ends (All)40
Tie Rod Sleeve Clamps150 in/lbs
Torsion Bar Bushing to Lower Control Arm Bolt/Nut70
Torsion Bar Pivot Cushion Retainer Nut-Bolt85
Shock Absorber (Upper)25
Shock Absorber (Lower)35
Sway Bar Cushion Bolt65
Upper Control Arm Pivot Bushing Nut110


Vendors to Check With


Title: Suspension: Torsion Bars - Page 2
Post by: Reggie on February 17, 2008, 17:27:21
F/J/M Torsion Bars - Page 2

Additional Photos

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