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Title: Cop Cars: Cop Car Information
Post by: Reggie on December 30, 2007, 10:19:12
Cop Car Information

Below is information on M-body Diplomat and Gran Fury police cars. Chrysler LeBarons were also used in police service for the 1981 model year only.

Visible clues that an M-body was formerly a police car:

Under Hood Clues:

Other Visible Clues:

Other police car specifications not found in civilian M-bodies:




Rear Axle and Differential:

Good Model Years for Police Cars:

First of all, realize that all Dips/GFs were a pretty similar run from 1980 right up to 1989. Pre-1980 models (starting in 1977 per Mike) had significantly different sheet metal, but still the same underpinnings. The A38 police package was not available on 1980 M Bodies.  F Body Aspen and Volare were the mid-size police cars.  1981 was the first year for an M Body A38, and the 360 was no longer available (except in vans and trucks).  No 360s were ever factory installed in A38/AHB M Bodies.  But, the 360 debates and urban legends will live on.... With that in mind, the best years for police Dips/GF’s are: