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Author Topic: Electric cars  (Read 19598 times)

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Re: Electric cars
« Reply #120 on: March 06, 2014, 21:23:47 »

My personal 2 cents. I was using a f250 for work and spending a $1000 a month in fuel. I brought a new Spark  for $13,000 including everything and now spending $325 a month in gas. While a car like that is not for everyone  it fits my needs. I did get to drive a ev1 years ago and it was surprising fun. A lot of vw  diesels are getting over 50 mpg and can be brought for mid to high 20. Cheaper then a Prius and better gas mileage to boot and no battery worries. Did  you know if you push a electric car with the battery disconnected you can get shocked as the wheels turn the motor like a generator and the current will back feed to the body?  Not that it would  factor in if I bought one or not. a hybrid specialty is stop and go  city traffic  like a cab. Highway not so much. Pure electric fit in some peoples life style and are cheaper to run. Some work places around here let you plug them in and some malls and train stations also. I don't remember where I saw it but I just read bout a leaf with 100,000 miles on it. I think like every thing else they will become more practical to buy.

An EV1 huh? We watched a video about that in HS..Never thought I'd come across anyone who drove one.
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Re: Electric cars
« Reply #121 on: March 06, 2014, 22:43:55 »

I fell in love with a orange Harley truck. Before I got fired I was using a tank full a week   and was getting paid mileage. That money covered my wife's car if full.  Maybe not the best choice but we were making ok money so it was  not an issue. Now a different job, a lot  less money and more driving and it is what it is. The  Spark was one of the cheapest new car I could find {13,000} including taxes and plates except a  4 too which was 12000 with a stick, crank windows and no radio. Also need high test gas. So far the Spark has 36,000 with no problems at all. It is guaranteed for 100000 miles. I figured it will pay for itself by sept. At auction those trucks are bringing around $6000 so I still have it.. Btw it is  6.0 and the motor has not been apart 185000 miles. I never have claimed to be too smart
That's a very extreme circumstance. Most people don't go from a Ford diesel to an economy car- typically when you have a Ford diesel, you need a heavy truck- even though a gasser would be more affordable to drive.

I really think an inexpensive, well built car with reasonable miles and mileage is the best thing to get around in. Last long enough to not worry about what else you'll buy, and typically those built to last don't ever have expensive issues and are comfortable.
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