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Author Topic: Transmissions: Slant 6 vs Small Block vs Big Block Torqueflites  (Read 12584 times)

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Torqueflites - Slant 6 vs Small Block vs Big Block

Below is a picture showing the differences in the bolt patterns and starter locations for the slant 6, small block and big block Torqueflite transmissions. 

  • Torqueflite bellhousings and bolt patterns are specific to each engine family.  In other words - slant 6 Torqueflites will only bolt to slant 6 engines, small block Torqueflites will only bolt to small blocks, and big block Torqueflites will only bolt to big blocks.
  • Slant 6 Torqueflites came in both the A-904-G series and the A-727-G series.  Before the A-727-G series Torqueflites became available, heavy slant 6 fleet cars were produced for a few years with small block A-727-A Torqueflites that used special adapter plates to mate them to the slant 6 engines.
  • Small block Torqueflites came in both the A-904-A series and the A-727-A series.
  • Big block Torqueflites came in only the A-727-B series.
  • Although big block 727s and small block 727s to not interchange between engine families, the internal parts do interchange depending on the years.
  • All Torqueflite valve bodies will physically interchange, regardless of the engine family, but they are calibrated differently.
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