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Author Topic: '86 police package info  (Read 6271 times)

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Re: '86 police package info
« Reply #45 on: September 09, 2010, 15:48:38 »

well, i spent what felt like forever and didnt see anything that would work for the clip. so we just decided to splice all of it together, and it works thanks to all the discussions on here. Only issue im having is the carb wont kick down, but the last time it got worked on, it did the same thing, and all the problem was, was the negative batt. cable was bumped and it messed something up on the carb. Well, i had the cables off for a side project, and i believe that i messed the kickdown up again.
How do i check the freon levels for the unit, because im doubting that there is much in there, but idk how to check it.
'86 Dodge Diplomat AHB. Rebuilt 318 LA/Magnum, cop 904, 8.25 rear.

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